Live Caricatures

Having a caricaturist at your event is a great way to entertain guests and give them a gift. Ted’s is available for bookings in Cape Town, the rest of the Western Cape, as well as traveling to events in the rest of South Africa. He draw between 18-20 faces an hour!

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 Weddings! Late 2019 and early 2020,  I really enjoyed drawing all these happy faces.

The 2021 season is getting going, it’s great to be drawing again:

Here are some of my personal favourite sketches from 2019. When I am able to capture the mood of the party and the guests I am always chuffed.

End of year office parties 2019

It’s loads of fun seeing so many different faces!

The portraits are getting faster, 4 min a face!

2017/18 was a busy season

Some more drawings from private parties and weddings in 2017

Here are some fun faces from 2016/17

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