Scene Sketches

Ted can also be booked to draw sketches of wedding ceremonies and key note speeches etc. This is a great idea for event taking place at some of the Western Capes scenic locations.  These watercolour and ink sketches are a great way to capture and personalise the moment. A wedding ceremony typically takes between 1 hour to complete in colour. Ted will typically start a ceremony sketch 30 minutes before the ceremony starts and finishing it as the ceremony itself completes. He can also be booked to draw a more detailed 2 hour ceremony sketch drawn on the spot and started before, detailed during and completed after the wedding ceremony.

2 hour Baby Shower:

scene 1

2 hour kitchen tea

scene 3

45 minute ceremony sketch:

1 hour ceremony sketches. I start drawing these 30 minute before the guests take seats, adding environment details. I then add some guests and the bridal party/MC as they join.

1 hour:
scene 6

1 hour:


wedding ceremony drawing - 3

1 hour 30 min:

ceremony drawing 3

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